At December 13 Boeing-787 had mysteriously disappeared on the flight radar and many people have argued that it was a plane crash, some said it was a UFO, and some thought it was hijacked. The mystery wasn't known until 9 months later were a metal piece had washed up on hawaii that had a word on it that said Oeing-. It was boeing-787 and beaches of it were found more in indonesia,phillippines,china, and even mexico! People have speculated that it had crashed but the location was unknown and how it crashed was also unknown. 2 Months later burn marks were found on the plane and the plane pieces had radioactive on them. People had speculated that someone had bombed the plane, but the person was unknown and th location is unknown also. A year later people have discovered nuclear waste on parts of the philippine ocean and might of speculated that it wasn't bombed but the fire marks too were unknown. The radioactive waste was fixed and people have speculated that it might of collided with another plane or that it might of exploded for some reason. No other planes were identified to be hurt but 4 years later the mystery was solved. The plane had actually exploded because of pressure differences and the speed causing it to set on fire and then explode. It was also in a line of jet winds which might of caused it to speed up. 187 people died from the plane and was one of the biggest mysteries figured out.
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The Travel map for The flight. Green is the track that had ben tracked and red is the track thats not traced.