The 3012 Alban Hills eruption is known in hystory as the eruption that erased Rome from the world, and covered almost the whole Lazio region under several meters of ash. There have been few victims, considering the rate of the eruption (VEI 7), as the zone was evaquated before because Alban Hills have been monitored for the last millennium and predicted with precision, and also because the direction of ash flow was toward the sea. Part of art and historical material that was present in Rome has been taken away years prior the eruption, but architecture could not be saved. Spain was also covered by few centimeters of volcanic ash. The latest Ultraplinian (VEI 7) eruption of Alban Hills occured about 352.000 years before, then the volcano has been characterized by Strombolian eruptions and long millenniums of dormancy.

Monte Cavo and part of the remains of the ancient stratovolcano have been destroyes, leaving a deep caldera. The world temperature dropped by 4°.